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Internet facilities
500 sqm garden
self catering kitchen
barbecue-, braai area
rooms or dorms
room, billiard

University, City
and to Groote Schuur
centrally located
for trips to winelands
or beaches
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  Nomvuyo :
Hi, l would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the warm reception l received at your place. you guys rock, l slept like a baby.
THANX, Regards Nomvuyo

Grace and Jacques Montreal Canada
This was better than any hotel or B&B we have stayed in this far. Great fun + great company………. Friends everywhere. Don’t forget how to play dice or golf. Keep practicing Bruce. We’ll come back to kick your butt. Louis you are a great fun. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting, you are a great host.

Juan & Jo R.S.A & U.K.
Thanx!! Very helpful, lovely beds. Great breakfast. All the best. J+J

Jeroen & Be
Thanks for the lovely atmosphere. See you again.

Erick & Sharron Sanfrancisco, CA, USA
We’re back!! Can’t get enough of the warm hospitality.

Antoine, Pierre, Jenille, Romain, Anshen France
Thank you very much for your warm welcome and for the pool lessons !

Jasmin & Nadine
Thank you for your many good tips for our next holiday in South Africa. See you soon!!

Pr Sylvin
I’m very grateful for your hospitality. Thank you.

Dr. Hassanata Millogo
Thank you very much for your very warm welcome !

Isa France
I don’t know the right words, I don’t think they actually exist – to say how loving, funny, deep and heartfelt you have been with me. I will never forget this time we shared, at night by the moonflowers and in the daytime under the sun. I am saying see you later and not goodbye! And also that lovely space, my room where I’ve felt at home and at ease! Look all after yourselves! Cos I’m coming back for more! The lodge atmosphere has played a big part in my time here to work in the right conditions too. I felt free and supported by all of you – you’re FAB!!

Laure & Stephan Switzerland
Thank you for these two nice evenings. Keep smiling.

Thanks for your hospitality! Had fun in Cape Town and I hope to return.

Mark, Pat, Steve Manchester England
Well 1 year on were back. Deco Lodge and all its staff are F@#&%$g great!

Andrea Bonato
Thank you so much for your hospitality. I’ve enjoyed staying with you! Bye

Erol Guvendi France
Deco Lodge has some of the nicest, kindest and warmest people in S.A. Thank you guys for this awesome backpacker!

Daniel Frey-Hopkins R.S.A.
Love you guys and God bless your lives
Dear Deco Lodge, Thanks for the most wonderful stay! We will never forget the cat, the dogs, the red wine, the hangovers and of course your great company! Thanks for the laughter. Definitely the BEST palce in Cape Town. We could not have picked a better place to stay/ Lots of love until we get back. Tom and Vicky
" Thanks for the amaizing hospitality, the interesting conversations, > the family feeling and all the great tips. > We had a wonderful time and an excellent 22nd birthday for Karin. THE > BEST!!! > Love you all, Karin and Eliav. "
"Dear Hannes, Ronyn, Johan And Sas (and all the dogs and cat!!!) > > thank you so much for being such a real family and home for us here in Cape > Town. Your advices, help and the great feeling that you gave us made > our holiday here something that we will NEVER forget! We could not > have chosen a better place!!!! Waiting for you in Israel and miss you > already... > > Love Michal and Lior"
" We have spent at Deco Lodge the best ten days since we are travelling in South Africa. It is always a good feeling to get up in the morning to find smiling folks around one. Thank you for the lively and personal atmosphere that we found only here. From the first minute on we always felt welcome!! Thank you also for your patience and help, that you offered all us guests every single day. All of you are great charactres and was so relaxing and a lot of fun staying with you! You should rename Deco Lodge to the House of the Friendliest Dogs and Cat!!! Love and see you soon Erwin and Vesna"
"seconds - minutes - hours - days - weeks - months spent in a place of timeless proportions where lazy stoned seconds tick by in a haze of contentment" "After nearly a year wandering the vast deserts of Southern Africa, our journey allows a return to this unique oasis of hostel heaven. Where so many have tried and failed, Deco Lodge has tried and conquered. Our home in Cape Town, and Africa lies here. My surrogate family of Deco, thanks for dazy confused memories, until next time Whith love Mark"
"Well, the twilight zone can shift over, because this is DECO LODGE! The funniest, most gorgeous, generous, and absolutely the most wacky people there are, the ugliest dog in the world - and all that tucked away in the backstreets of Roodebloem Road, Woodstock. I would never have expected anything like it (then again, who could have)and was surprised in the best of all senses. I definitely will be back! I will not tell anyone about it, because I am jealous and not willing to share this treasure with even more bloody Germans (then again, who would believe me) You people are just amazing, I will miss you greatly!! All my love Florian"
Your place is special and I thank you so much for your hospitality, which was extraordinary! I will do all my best to send you millions of customers, who, I'm sure will enjoy it as much as I did! You both make this place a home away from home and everybody can feel, you love what you do. We'll definitely keep in contact and definitely will see you again. Love Ala"
"Guys, I think you all know how I feel about this place, words are not enough, plus finding them now with this fuzzy head is even harder! As usual everything is last minute and I don't have time to write everything I wanted to. But let me say, although Cape Town is a great city, It is not for the city I have stayed so long, but for you! The wonderful, beautiful people. May Deco Lodge continue to thrive and prosper. Set your lemons free!! May the force of the lemons be with you! Love and friends forever Bols"
"Thanks a million Robyn and Hannes for all those excellent times. I feel so good in your place, and I fly so high you give me the best relaxing moments of my tour in SA. I really enjoyed every day at Deco Lodge, with those BBQs of Hannes and Robyn's fires and all of those big missions we all have done together, Bols, Ala, Sergio, and everybody else. Thanks to all and back to a cold winter and planning to come back. Love Frederic."
"special, interesting, fun, lovely... had a really great time here. Thanks a lot!!! See you soon hopefully Love Christiana"
"Hello Deco Lodge, Thank you for a very nice time. Cape Town and Deco Lodge were very wonderful. We see you again in the next two years Bye bye Eves and Steve"
What can I say, that others have not said before? You are special and Deco Lodge is a special place. It became my home and you all became my family. I came to Cape Town to do an internship, but what I got here was much more. I found good friends and family. It is because of you that I liked my stay here so much as I did and it is because of you that it is so hard for me to leave. But would also like to thank you for all your help. You told me right in the beginning that you will help me whenever I have trouble.I realized the true meaning of the words when you, Hannes, came immediately to help Alex and me when our car broke down in the night. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that and for all the other little things you helped and supported me. When I came to SA I said that I will do this internship and come back to Germany and carry on as usual. It is now that I have only few reasons that I go back ( and you know the most important reason!) It is hard to leave you, but what makes it easier is that I know that I will come back. And whenever we will be in cape Town, we will come to Deco Lodge and stay with you! This is the simple for that: DECO LODGE is the only place to stay in Cape Town!! What remains to say 'Thank You'. Thanks for everything! With all my love Andrea"
My stay here has been very pleasant. I am grateful to have had a room to myself, although I must say your other guests are very nice people. You may be assured that I will highly recommend Deco Lodge to anyone planning to spend time in Cape Town. Thanks for your kind hospitality. Love and best wishes Wes Baker"
"Hallo you crazy people! It has been such a pleasure to be with you guys these two weeks. Just continue like this and 'every thing is gonna be allright'. Thank you very much for your open hearts, your fun, your pool, your tequila, your sun and your wind. See you VERY soon. Love Jörn"
What to say about the place? How can I describe a sunny paradise, which is by itself undescribable? I will never forget the time I spent here. I feel honoured having been a part of your little family for at least 4 weeks. I enjoyed every single day, I liked every conversation we had. Thanks to you guys I've got my own picture of your area which I surely show to all the people in the world who are interested in sharing my view of Cape Town. I am deeply thankful for all the little things you did for me and Andrea. I am very sure that Deco Lodge will find its standing among all the people who will stay here. It is a very special place of happiness. You know I will do everything to make it possible to see and visit you guys at Christmasstime 2003. Love Jörg."
"Hi Deco Lodge, Thanks for the best time in my life! Thaks for everything! And I will be back in the summer 2004. Deco Lodge is my family in South Africa. Love Markus"
"The early morning spent watching my lovely postcard view from my window of Table Mountain. The great company of happy peaceful people sitting by the fire and the endless peace. Thanks a lot for everything. Donato."
We just wanted to say we had a great 8 days, it's always fun to wake up in the morning and see only smiling faces... Thanks for everything - the company, the info, etc. and we will come to visit you again soon. Love Hadas and Uri from Israel."
"Here I bought my VW Microbus, and here I had time and space to fix and renovate it.Thank you for always supporting and helping me, no matter what problem I had. Deco is definitely the best place to get stuck!! Hotboxes in the VW will stay inextinguishable in my memories. Your place was not a hostel to me, it was my HOME!! Thanks and all the best wishes to you Markus Rastaman"

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We offer accommodation in a pleasant and typically capetonian atmosphere, which includes, attractive communal living areas, large garden with pool, Internet café, self-catering kitchen and laundry. This is your home away from home - a place to meet interesting local and international visitors, many of whom stay for extended periods of time. We offer accommodation in a pleasant and typically capetonian atmosphere, which includes, attractive communal living areas, large garden with pool, Internet café, self-catering kitchen and laundry. This is your home away from home - a place to meet interesting local and international visitors, many of whom stay for extended periods of time. We offer accommodation in a pleasant and typically capetonian atmosphere, which includes, attractive communal living areas, large garden with pool, Internet café, self-catering kitchen and laundry. This is your home away from home - a place to meet interesting local and international visitors, many of whom stay for extended periods of time.